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    • 25 Nov 2021
    • 6:30 PM
    • 9 Dec 2021
    • 8:00 PM
    • Zoom

    What does the workshop cover?
    The workshop provides an introduction to the UDC system, its nature, and its application in subject indexing. The focus of the workshop is on explaining the UDC's analytico-synthetic and faceted principles, and the ways these are applied in subject indexing and knowledge organization. The practical application of UDC and guided exercises will be an important element of this workshop and participants will be asked to allocate time for completing tasks in between online sessions.

    Who will benefit?
    This workshop will be principally of interest to those considering, planning or are about to start using UDC for information resource indexing. It may also benefit anyone who would like to learn more about the ways analytico-synthetic classifications covering knowledge as a whole are designed and how they function in organizing information. No prior knowledge of UDC or subject indexing is assumed.
    A certificate will be issued for successful completion of the workshop.

    Presenter: AIDA SLAVIC

    The workshop takes place remotely:  online via Zoom, a closed online forum and via emails. It consists of three 90 min long sessions with a mix of theory and exercises. The sessions will not be recorded. The workshop forum will contain workshop materials and will enable online discussion, guided and supervised by the instructor. During the workshop participants will be introduced to and will have access to UDC English Online; standard and up-to date schedules of the UDC.  Further participant/instructor communication will take place via email. Prior to the workshop, registrants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire indicating their familiarity with UDC, knowledge areas that they would like to be covered by the exercises and their expectations.

    The online sessions are scheduled from 6.30 to 8 pm (GMT) on successive Thursdays starting from 25 November 2021.

    25 Nov 2021 - The nature of UDC, its structure, application and tools
    02 Dec 2021 - How to use UDC? Subject analysis and content indexing using UDC
    09 Dec 2021 - UDC application for complex, interdisciplinary subjects, textual and multimedia resources

    Registration is open until 15 November 2021.
    Places are limited to 16 participants.

    NOTE: cancellations will be accepted up to 5 days prior to the first session. 15% of the fee will be retained by ISKO UK to cover administrative costs.

    For any query please contact

    • 9 Dec 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    • Zoom

    The  7th Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial Lecture 2021 will be delivered by the 2020 Strix Award winner Ian Ruthven, Professor of Information Seeking and Retrieval at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde.

    The Award was presented to Professor Ruthven late last year in recognition of his outstanding practical innovation and achievements in the field of information retrieval. 

    Professor Ruthven's lecture is entitled: 

    Google’s what you use when Alexa doesn’t know the answer, Uncle Ian

    Abstract: Search is now a pervasive online activity. The ability to successfully interact with the information tools we have available to us is a key life skill, one that forms part of what is often seen as essential information literacy. However, even though we may not be able to imagine everyday life without these tools, they are a staggeringly recent phenomenon. Key to their success has been the interfaces and interaction models that underpin these information tools. Interactive search has been the site of rich study and experimentation and this research has taught us much about how we work with information and how information systems can support our interactions with information. In this presentation, I shall look at some of the history of interactive searching, discuss why some of the tools we use now are more successful than others, and look forward to how we might be interacting with information in the future.

    The afternoon will open with a presentation from  Thomas D. Wilson (Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield, UK and the winner of the 2020 Jason Farradane Award) His talk is entitled: 

    Managing information to serve the information user

    Professor Wilson will address two key elements of his research to date: the essential link and convergence between information management and information behaviour. He asks the fundamental question: how can we manage information effectively if we don't know how people seek and use information? 

    Full programme details

    2.00 Login to the Zoom waiting room

    2.15 Douglas Veal (Strix) and David Ball (UKeiG) – Chairs’ welcome – an overview of the Strix award

    2.30 Introductory presentation – Thomas D. Wilson (Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield, UK)

    3.00 Questions & discussion

    3.15 The Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial Lecture

    4.00 Questions, discussion, announcements

    4.30 Meeting closes

    *** This is a FREE online event, open to everyone, BUT advance bookings ARE required ***


    Speakers in brief

    Ian Ruthven

    Ian Ruthven, Professor of Information Seeking and Retrieval at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde, leads the Strathclyde Information School Research Group (SISRG). SISRG, a popular and respected research team within the international research community, operates across the boundaries between information and computer sciences and has established an international reputation for research excellence.

    Dr. David McMenemy nominated Ian for the 2020 Strix Award. ‘Professor Ruthven has developed extensive national and international collaborations. His personal research is focused on the human experience of interacting with information, particularly on finding information. This involves understanding how people approach the task of seeking information, designing appropriate interactive search systems, and developing human-focused approaches for evaluating information systems.'

    Thomas D. Wilson 

    Thomas D. Wilson (Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield, UK) is well known for his pioneering work in open access through the foundation and editing of Information Research: an international electronic journal. He has an international reputation as a researcher in the field of information behaviour and for his work on modelling the processes of information behaviour and the formulation of a behavioural theory.

    Awards in brief

    The Tony Kent Strix Award was inaugurated in 1998 by the Institute of Information Scientists. It is now presented by UKeiG in partnership with the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization  (ISKO UK), the Royal Society of Chemistry Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group (RSC CICAG) and the British Computer Society Information Retrieval Specialist Group (BCS IRSG).

    More information about the Tony Kent Strix Award.

    Jason Farradane first made an impact on the LIS community with a paper on the ‘scientific approach to documentation’ presented at a Royal Society Scientific Information Conference in 1948. He was instrumental in establishing the Institute of Information Scientists in 1958, alongside the first academic information science courses in 1963 at the precursor to City University, London, where he became Director of the Centre for Information Science in 1966.

    More information about the Jason Farradane Award. 

Past events

24 Nov 2021 Research Observatory: Research Repositories and Dataverse: Negotiating Metadata, Vocabularies and Domain Needs
23 Nov 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - Introduction to Wikibase
27 Oct 2021 Research Observatory: FAIR Principles and Semantic Interoperability
19 Oct 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Coping with complexity: building a knowledge graph for UK Parliament
6 Oct 2021 KO-ED KOS Workshop - Representing concepts in subject indexing: challenges of vocabulary control with Sylvie Davies
29 Sep 2021 Research Observatory: Research Fields Classifications: Essential Tools in Reporting and Harmonising Scientific Information
14 Sep 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Copyright in a knowledge organization workplace by Stephen Garfield
6 Jul 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - On the pre-history of information technology by Stephen Robertson
30 Jun 2021 Research Observatory: Observing knowledge organization trajectories in healthcare
15 Jun 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Semantic Tagging and Text Classification for Archives and Content Systems by Chris Newell
1 Jun 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - VocBench Workshops: Part 3: VocBench Vocabulary Versioning and Data Catalogue
25 May 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - MS Teams – the case for Information Architecture and Governance
19 May 2021 Research Observatory: Knowledge Organization Systems in the spotlight
4 May 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - VocBench Workshops: Part 2: VocBench Data Import with Sheet2RDF
28 Apr 2021 Research Observatory: Computational ethnography: tracking the flow of information, by Martin White
20 Apr 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Beyond the Hero's Journey, by Paul Rissen
20 Apr 2021 ISKO UK 14th Annual General Meeting
6 Apr 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - VocBench Workshops: Part 1: Introducing VocBench
31 Mar 2021 Research Observatory: AI in supporting fact checking, news verification and creative work
23 Mar 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Going virtual with Taxonomy Boot Camp London
25 Feb 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Some reflections on genre and knowledge organization by Pauline Rafferty
18 Feb 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Automated indexing: implementation case studies by Marjorie Hlava
16 Feb 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Searching fast and slow: exploring alternatives approaches to search for knowledge workers by Tony Russell-Rose
11 Feb 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Automatic subject indexing and evaluation: an introduction by Koraljka Golub
4 Feb 2021 KO-ED - Theoretical Perspectives - Towards interoperability of KOS vocabularies by Marcia Zeng
28 Jan 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Critical description and evaluation of classification schemes by Barbara Kwasnik
21 Jan 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Information foraging in knowledge organisations by Martin White
19 Jan 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Email and MS Teams from an information architecture perspective
14 Jan 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Disciplines and Phenomena in Knowledge Organization Systems by Claudio Gnoli
7 Jan 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Search Engines and Knowledge Organization by Birger Hjørland
22 Dec 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Interactive workshop: getting started with VocBench (step 1)
10 Dec 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - How should today’s thesaurus earn its keep? by Stella Dextre Clarke
3 Dec 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - What is a thesaurus? How and why so? by Stella Dextre Clarke
26 Nov 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - From Concepts to Knowledge Organization Systems by Leonard Will
26 Nov 2020 6th Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial 2020 Lecture - free event
17 Nov 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Myths and Half Truths about Semantic Data Modelling by Panos Alexopoulos
12 Nov 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - Faceted Classification by Vanda Broughton
5 Nov 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - Principles underlying Knowledge Organization Systems by Vanda Broughton
29 Oct 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - Subject Headings by Vanda Broughton
27 Oct 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Times Tags: Metadata at The New York Times, 1851-Today by Jennifer Parrucci
22 Oct 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - Language of description by Sylvie Davies
15 Oct 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - Content analysis by Sylvie Davies
8 Oct 2020 KO-ED Introduction to Knowledge Organization - Definition and scope by Sylvie Davies
22 Sep 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Practical Tools for Taxonomists
18 Aug 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Knowledge Graphs, Part II: Practical Applications
14 Jul 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Knowledge Graphs, Part I: Theories and Definitions
16 Jun 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: How the BBC is approaching metadata quality measurement
19 May 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: Knowledge Organization - everywhere!
21 Apr 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: Data Visualisation – Hands-on practice
30 Mar 2020 Cancelled: Using knowledge organization to deliver content
30 Mar 2020 ISKO Virtual Annual General Meeting
18 Feb 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: Taxonomies vs. Thesauri vs. Ontologies - what's best for me ?
29 Nov 2019 5th Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial Lecture 2019
25 Nov 2019 Search Solutions 2019
15 Oct 2019 Taxonomy Chill-out with ISKO UK, SLA and SLA Europe
15 Jul 2019 ISKO UK 6th Biennial Conference - 15th – 16th July 2019, London
14 Jul 2019 ISKO UK Meetup : Pre-conference get-together prior to ISKO UK 2019
25 Jun 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: What are the purposes of Knowledge Organization Research?
30 Apr 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: Change management in the Library & Information Profession
5 Apr 2019 Post AGM event - Metadata, taxonomies and retrieval
26 Mar 2019 ISKO UK Meetup - Machine Learning and Visualization for the Information Professional
26 Feb 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: Creativity in Knowledge Organization
22 Jan 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: Ontology of Risk
27 Nov 2018 Search Solutions 2018
23 Nov 2018 The Fourth Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture
16 Oct 2018 ISKO UK Meet-up: Taxonomy Chill-out
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