For ISKO UK the aim “to encourage and support the next generation of Knowledge Organization researchers and practitioners, with attention to continuing professional development as  well as basic education and training" is a vital strand of our mission.

Towards this goal ISKO UK is pleased to introduce a new series of virtual classes under the umbrella title Knowledge Organization Education (KO-ED).

Speakers include university lecturers, textbook authors, researchers and international experts with decades of experience in teaching and training in the field of knowledge organization. We are grateful for their much valued contribution.

The KO-ED programme consists of three tracks of events: 

A. Introduction to Knowledge Organization  (October - December 2020)

Nine sessions covering basics and introducing fundamentals of knowledge organization.

Speakers: Sylvie Davies, Vanda Broughton, Leonard Will, Stella Dextre-Clarke

Registration now open

B. Theoretical Perspectives in Knowledge Organization  (January - March 2021)

Classes introducing a selection of prominent topics and issues in the knowledge organization field.

Speakers: Birger Hjorland, Claudio Gnoli, Marcia Lei-Zeng, Martin White, Barbara Kwasnik, Koraljka Golub, Marjorie Hlava, Pauline Rafferty

Programme will be published shortly.

C. Knowledge Organization Systems Workshops  (June - September 2021)

Workshops will provide practical knowledge about some well known knowledge organization systems.

Programme will be available in spring 2021.

We hope these online classes will be of interest  to all who want to learn, refresh or expand their understanding of knowledge organization principles.

KO-ED programme coordinator: Aida Slavic, Vice-Chair ISKO UK



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