Introduction to Knowledge Organization is the first part in the ISKO UK Knowledge Organization Education programme of virtual classes 2020-2021. It consists of nine classes covering the fundamental techniques and tools of  Knowledge Organization (KO). The first three classes will introduce the basics, allowing participants to familiarise themselves with key concepts and terminology. These initial sessions will prepare the ground for a further exploration of key components in the KO tool-box. 

Speakers are internationally renowned knowledge organization experts, lecturers, researchers and authors with decades of experience in teaching and training in the United Kingdom.

Classes will be delivered via Zoom on Thursdays from 18:30-19:30 (GMT) including time for a break and for questions, starting from 8 October 2020. 

Participants will have the opportunity to join a discussion forum where they can ask further questions.

Attendance is free but each class requires registration through an online form provided.

Who should attend?

This series has been designed to help information workers who, for one reason or other, feel the need to be introduced or re-acquainted with the fundamental principles which underlie the field of Knowledge Organization. Our audience may include, for example:

  • information/knowledge workers without formal qualifications in Information Science or similar;
  • information  professionals who qualified long ago and want a refresher in this specialised area of Information Management;
  • students and researchers of any discipline that calls upon coherent organisation of knowledge (computing/IR, web design, Information Architecture,  curation of museum or art collections,  etc…)
Those who attend the whole series should, at the end, feel well positioned to evaluate and use the tools and techniques that support effective organisation of information. Alternatively some participants may select just the particular sessions they need.



8 Oct 2020

Sylvie Davies: Definition and scope of KO in relation to Information Retrieval


15 Oct 2020

 Sylvie Davies : Content/subject analysis


22 Oct 2020

 Sylvie Davies: Language of description


29 Oct  2020

 Vanda Broughton:  Subject headings: a word-based approach to organization and retrieval


05 Nov 2020

 Vanda Broughton: General principles underlying knowledge organization systems (KOS)


12 Nov 2020

 Vanda Broughton: Faceted classification


26 Nov 2020

 Leonard WillFrom concepts to knowledge organization systems 


03 Dec 2020

 Stella Dextre Clarke: What is a thesaurus? How and Why so?


10 Dec 2020

 Stella Dextre Clarke: How should today's thesaurus earn its keep?



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