Knowledge Organization (KO) has its roots in the fundamental human need to understand and interact with the environment. We categorise, distinguish, name and relate things in ways that are meaningful and useful, and help us learn.  We deploy classification, indexing, taxonomies, data mining, semantic analysis, linked data, and other emerging technologies to reveal patterns and make sense of the knowledge landscape.

KO adds intelligence and value to the representation, processing, storage and transfer of information.


NEW!  We are pleased to introduce Knowledge Organization Education (KO-ED), a new series of virtual classes which should be of interest to all who want to learn, refresh or expand their understanding of knowledge organization principles and processes. See details here

Our members

Our membership illustrates the breadth and variety of professions and roles where KO is a key element. It include:

        • information scientists
        • digital asset managers
        • librarians
        • records managers
        • information architects
        • semantic web developers
        • taxonomists
        • media workflow managers
        • IT specialists

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ISKO welcomes and supports all who want ideas, knowledge, information, data, pictures and other resources to be organized for easy access and use.

With us you can meet and share ideas with other practitioners, researchers, consultants, students and teachers in the field. Join our society, our meetings and discussion fora to find your place at the leading edge.

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One of our objectives is to encourage and support the next generation of Knowledge Organization (KO) researchers and practitioners, with attention to continuing professional development as well as basic education and training. In that spirit, we are pleased to offer financial support to students who wish to attend KO-related events and/or engage in KO research. Read more...



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