Grants for students and new graduates

Conference grants for students and new graduates - Applications are now closed

Research grants for students

 Conference Grants for students and new graduates


ISKO UK has established a fund to support students wishing to attend Knowledge Organization (KO) conferences in 2019.  This is part of its objective: “To encourage and support the next generation of Knowledge Organization (KO) researchers and practitioners, with attention to continuing professional development as well as basic education and training”.  Individual grants of up to £500 are available.


An important aspect of education is to attend events where it is possible to hear and develop contacts with others in the field. ISKO UK therefore wishes to give some financial support to students with an interest in Knowledge Organization to encourage them to attend relevant conferences.


Applicants should be enrolled as postgraduate or undergraduate students on courses in any UK academic institution that covers some aspect of knowledge organization.  This award is open to current students and to those who have graduated within one year of their application.

Conferences in scope

The biennial conferences of ISKO or any of its Chapters (including ISKO UK) are eligible. Some other conferences that have a significant coverage of KO topics may be eligible, subject to an explanation of their relevance by the applicant, and verification/approval by the Executive Committee. This year the ISKO 2018 Conference in Porto, Portugal is considered especially suitable.

Conference report

As well as attending the whole of the conference, the successful applicant will be expected to report on its proceedings. The report, typically between 500 and 2,000 words, will be made available via our website, especially to members of ISKO UK, and will be offered to the editor of the journal Knowledge Organization for publication in its ISKO News section. Additional publicity channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, should be used where possible.

Expenses covered

The grant should be seen as a contribution towards the costs, rather than covering all expenses.  Each grant will be in the range £100 - £500, and as a minimum, the grant will cover the registration fee of the event in question. It may also meet some of the travel/accommodation expenses.


Applicants should send an e-mail application to ISKO UK (see e-mail address below) with the following information:

·        Name, date and location of the conference;

·        The conference fee and contribution to expenses requested (up to a limit of £500)

·        A short statement of how the conference would be of benefit to the applicant

·        Details of the academic institution and study programme in which the applicant is enrolled.  If a grant is awarded, ISKO UK will require evidence of your student status.

The application should be sent by email to the ISKO UK Secretary via by 1st June 2019. The applicant will be informed of the Committee’s decision by 15th June. Payment of 80% of the award will be made to the successful applicant as soon as an invoice or other evidence of conference registration payment is received by the ISKO UK Treasurer.  The remainder will be paid after a satisfactory report of the conference proceedings has been received.

2018 Award: to Dr Deborah Lee.

We’re very pleased that Dr Deborah Lee has been awarded a £500 Conference Grant to support her delivering a paper at ISKO’s annual conference in Porto in July. Her paper will look at super facets and the idea of a universal classification for music. It is based on her 2017 PhD thesis entitled “Modelling music: a theoretical approach to the classification of notated Western art music.” As well as delivering her paper Deborah is looking forward to having the opportunity to build closer links with the international body of knowledge organization and classification theorists attending the conference, in particular other early career researchers.

Deborah’s wider research interests include music classification, music information, and the pedagogy of cataloguing education. She is a visiting lecturer at City University of London, where she leads the the information organization module and and she teaches cataloguing and classification as a CILIP onsite trainer. As well as her research, she is the Senior Cataloguer at the Courtauld Institute of Art book library, where she manages the library’s cataloguing and classification. Deborah gained a BA in music from the University of Oxford, an MMus in historical musicology from Royal Holloway, University of London, an MA in information services management from London Metropolitan University, and a PGCert in higher education teaching from City, University of London.

14 May 2019   

 Research Grants for students  Applications are now closed

Background and context

ISKO UK is the UK Chapter of ISKO, the International Society for Knowledge Organization. We are a not-for-profit scientific/professional association dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of organizing knowledge and information. One of our objectives is to “encourage and support the next generation of Knowledge Organization (KO) researchers and practitioners, with attention to continuing professional development as well as basic education and training”. In that spirit, we are pleased to offer students who are currently engaged in KO-related research the following support:

  • a financial contribution towards expenses incurred in the course of a research project
  • advice and information on relevant KO matters
  • access to a community of KO practitioners and researchers through whom results can be publicized and disseminated


We want to encourage more students to take up studies and research in KO[1]. Likewise we want to encourage KO research which is practice-oriented.


Applications for this grant are invited from students based at UK higher education institutions who are doing an undergraduate dissertation or a postgraduate project that is relevant to the knowledge organization domain. It is anticipated that students on Library and Information Science courses or at one of the iSchools would be particularly suited to this grant. ISKO UK members studying outside the UK are also eligible to apply.

Grants and assistance available

ISKO UK is offering the following support for students:

  • a contribution towards expenses incurred in the course of the project (up to £500)
  • some external advice on the project (subject to the participating university’s regulations)
  • a forum or community through which the results can be publicized/disseminated.


Recipients of the award will have an opportunity to disseminate their research findings via ISKO UK. As part of that promotion, we would like to make your research available via our website or through a link to your institutional repository. As a minimum we would expect successful recipients to submit:

  • a short report on their research (500 – 700 words)
  • access to an electronic version of the research report or dissertation
  • acknowledgement of the support provided by ISKO UK


Students are encouraged to apply when they have submitted their research proposal to the University and before starting the project. The support requested may be for the entire project or for a specific task in a longer project. Applications are by email to the Secretary of ISKO UK and should include the following information:

  • a short description of the project and its objectives
  • the purposes for which the grant is sought and the funding requested (up to a limit of £500)
  • a timetable for completion of the project
  • details of the academic institution and study programme in which the applicant is enrolled. If a grant is awarded, ISKO UK will require evidence of student status.

The application should be sent by email with the subject line ‘Research Grant’ to the ISKO UK Secretary via, for consideration by the Executive Committee. As soon as possible after receipt of the application, the Committee will reply with:

  • any comments on the research project;
  • details of the funding (if any) it is willing to offer;
  • a response to any other types of support requested.

When the research is concluded to the satisfaction of the university, an electronic copy of the thesis or dissertation should be emailed to the ISKO UK Secretary. Normally it will be made available as a downloadable file on the ISKO UK website. Alternatively, ISKO UK will provide a link from its website to the thesis in the University’s Institutional Repository. If there are other opportunities for publication, or for a presentation, these will be offered for discussion with the student.


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