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Upcoming events

    • 23 Apr 2024
    • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Zoom

    We hope you can join us on our 17th Annual General Meeting when you can hear about our activities over the past year as well as planned developments for the year ahead.

    This will be the unique opportunity to meet colleagues and take part to discussion about the future of ISKO UK and the information profession at large.

    All are welcome: members and non-members

    A provisional agenda and other relevant papers will be available in the Members area of the ISKO UK website few days prior to the AGM and a Zoom URL will be sent to registrants 24 hours prior to the AGM .

    For any queries, please contact

    • 14 May 2024
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) staff will provide a demonstration of their machine-readable rulebook initiative. As part of this initiative, FINRA developed a taxonomy - a method of classifying and categorizing a hierarchy of key terms and concepts - that was applied or "tagged" to the 40 most frequently viewed FINRA rules. The taxonomy allows users to apply an enhanced search feature to find specific content by starting with a broad topic and then narrowing down to more specific topics through sub-categories and combinations of multiple terms. Based on the taxonomy, FINRA created a prototype of a rulebook search tool - the FINRA Rulebook Search Tool™ (FIRST™). FIRST is a taxonomy-based rulebook search tool designed by FINRA to make the FINRA rulebook more accessible when searching for relevant information or developing automated compliance functions. FIRST is enabled by a regulatory taxonomy applied, or "tagged," to a series of FINRA rules.

    The taxonomy enhances the FINRA rulebook by allowing users to narrow down the universe of potentially applicable rules through sophisticated search filters. In addition, the FINRA Application Programming Interface (API) Platform provides a rulebook API that enables users to receive rule content, including the taxonomy terms tagged to each of the 40 rules. These may be mapped to internal compliance systems and can facilitate the development of automated compliance tools.

    Our hope is that attendees will understand how FINRA's machine-readable rulebook initiative can help enhance firms' compliance efforts, reduce costs, and aid in risk management.

    For more information, attendees may read the Special Notice: FINRA Requests Comment on Its Machine-Readable Rulebook Initiative.

    Afshin Atabaki is Special Advisor and Associate General Counsel in FINRA's Office of General Counsel, Regulatory Practice and Policy. Mr. Atabaki has over 20 years of experience rendering expert legal advice to FINRA management and staff in connection with key regulatory requirements and policy initiatives. He is also a subject matter expert on a wide range of regulatory areas and is responsible for developing and interpreting the related rules

    Nick Vitalo is Assistant General Counsel in FINRA's Office of General Counsel, where he is responsible for developing and interpreting FINRA rules and providing legal and policy advice to FINRA management and staff. Mr. Vitalo's responsibilities involve a variety of regulatory policy initiatives and rule changes/interpretations including broker-dealer registration, books and records, anti-money laundering, customer complaint reporting and associated persons issues. Mr. Vitalo has been with FINRA in a variety of legal roles since 2015 and OGC since 2019.

    Alex Khachaturian serves as a Director in the Office of Financial Innovation at FINRA. Mr. Khachaturian supports the Office's mission in the identification and analysis of emerging technologies, laws and regulations, business models, and industry practices (both domestic and international) to inform FINRA's risk management and strategy goals. His primary area of focus, in recent years, has been at the intersection of technology, law, and regulatory compliance.

    Please note 6:00pm BST event time.

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    • 3 Sep 2024
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Zoom

    John O'Gorman from Semantium discusses Documents, Databases, Knowledge Graphs, LLMs and their common roots in natural language.

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    • 8 Oct 2024
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Skosmos is an open-source, web-based SKOS browser and publishing tool designed to access controlled vocabularies for indexing, information retrieval and vocabulary development.

    With a background in Computer Science, user interface design, Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies, Osma Suominen works on opening up bibliographic metadata at the National Library of Finland.

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Past events

16 Apr 2024 ISKO UK Meetup - What Information Behaviour and Practices Mean for Use of Metadata and Knowledge Organization Systems
8 Nov 2023 ISKO UK Meetup - Information Governance
11 Oct 2023 ISKO UK Meetup - How Can a Knowledge Audit Contribute to Knowledge Management Planning
6 Sep 2023 ISKO UK Meetup - coli-conc: Mapping Knowledge Organization Systems
24 Jul 2023 ISKO UK 2023: full conference remote participation
24 Jul 2023 ISKO UK 2023: one day in-person participation
24 Jul 2023 ISKO UK 2023: full conference in-person participation
10 May 2023 ISKO UK Meetup - One information management system for compliance, governance and findability by Stuart Eve and Darren Wray
18 Apr 2023 ISKO UK AGM - All welcome!
12 Apr 2023 ISKO UK Meetup - The Opportunities and Challenges in Leveraging Sustainable Finance Taxonomies by James Phare and Daniel Burke-Ward
8 Mar 2023 ISKO UK Meetup - Vocabs Editor and Taxonomy Publishing Ecosystem by Peter Andorfer and Klaus Illmayer
25 Jan 2023 Research Observatory: Cultural hospitality and ethical responsibilities in subject cataloguing
30 Nov 2022 Research Observatory: Governance and alignment of taxonomies across the UK Government
24 Nov 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - Data Discovery at Wiley by Niké Brown
10 Oct 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - How Taxonomies Can Solve Complex Business Problems by Ramona Aubry
13 Sep 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - How to Build a Knowledge Graph by Paul Appleby
24 Aug 2022 Research Observatory: Terminology standardization and database standards under a microcontent perspective
12 Jul 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - Taxonomies for Confluence by Eugene Morozov
29 Jun 2022 Research Observatory: Bibliometric experiment with the full text of research papers
14 Jun 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - Why graphs? The limits of hierarchical thinking by Bob Kasenchak
25 May 2022 Challenges of scholarly communication: bibliometric transparency and impact
10 May 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - The Evolution of UX Strategy by Jaime Levy
27 Apr 2022 Research Observatory: Doing bibliometrics responsibly
12 Apr 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - Keywording Creative Content by Clemency Wright
4 Apr 2022 ISKO UK 15th Annual General Meeting
31 Mar 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "Linked Data and information discovery: from data infrastructure to practical applications" by Eero Hyvönen
24 Mar 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "Information Seeking Behaviour" by Ian Ruthven
17 Mar 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "Is search better with metadata? A real life experience" by Marjorie Hlava
10 Mar 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "Paths to discovery: metadata and findability" by Judi Vernau
9 Mar 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "Using Google's family of databases" by Karen Blakeman
8 Mar 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - Basic Steps in the Creation of a Structured Vocabulary by Leonard Will
3 Mar 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "User-centred design of search applications" by Tony Russell-Rose
22 Feb 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - E-commerce Search is Broken - How to Fix it With Open Source Software by Charlie Hull
17 Feb 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "Evaluating search performance" by Ingo Frommholz
10 Feb 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "The role of AI in search application" by Martin White
3 Feb 2022 KO-ED Exploring Information Retrieval "IR Models: from theory to practice" by Andrew MacFarlane
26 Jan 2022 Research Observatory: Knowledge Organization and Indigenous Knowledge
25 Jan 2022 ISKO UK Meetup - The Evolving Role of Metadata by David Haynes
6 Jan 2022 KO-ED KOS Workshop - Practical Thesaurus Construction by Stella Dextre Clarke
9 Dec 2021 7th Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial Lecture 2021
25 Nov 2021 KO-ED KOS Workshop - Introduction to Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) by Aida Slavic
24 Nov 2021 Research Observatory: Research Repositories and Dataverse: Negotiating Metadata, Vocabularies and Domain Needs
23 Nov 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - Introduction to Wikibase
27 Oct 2021 Research Observatory: FAIR Principles and Semantic Interoperability
19 Oct 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Coping with complexity: building a knowledge graph for UK Parliament
6 Oct 2021 KO-ED KOS Workshop - Representing concepts in subject indexing: challenges of vocabulary control with Sylvie Davies
29 Sep 2021 Research Observatory: Research Fields Classifications: Essential Tools in Reporting and Harmonising Scientific Information
14 Sep 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Copyright in a knowledge organization workplace by Stephen Garfield
6 Jul 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - On the pre-history of information technology by Stephen Robertson
30 Jun 2021 Research Observatory: Observing knowledge organization trajectories in healthcare
15 Jun 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Semantic Tagging and Text Classification for Archives and Content Systems by Chris Newell
1 Jun 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - VocBench Workshops: Part 3: VocBench Vocabulary Versioning and Data Catalogue
25 May 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - MS Teams – the case for Information Architecture and Governance
19 May 2021 Research Observatory: Knowledge Organization Systems in the spotlight
4 May 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - VocBench Workshops: Part 2: VocBench Data Import with Sheet2RDF
28 Apr 2021 Research Observatory: Computational ethnography: tracking the flow of information, by Martin White
20 Apr 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Beyond the Hero's Journey, by Paul Rissen
20 Apr 2021 ISKO UK 14th Annual General Meeting
6 Apr 2021 ISKO UK Hands-on Meetup - VocBench Workshops: Part 1: Introducing VocBench
31 Mar 2021 Research Observatory: AI in supporting fact checking, news verification and creative work
23 Mar 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Going virtual with Taxonomy Boot Camp London
25 Feb 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Some reflections on genre and knowledge organization by Pauline Rafferty
18 Feb 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Automated indexing: implementation case studies by Marjorie Hlava
16 Feb 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Searching fast and slow: exploring alternatives approaches to search for knowledge workers by Tony Russell-Rose
11 Feb 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Automatic subject indexing and evaluation: an introduction by Koraljka Golub
4 Feb 2021 KO-ED - Theoretical Perspectives - Towards interoperability of KOS vocabularies by Marcia Zeng
28 Jan 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Critical description and evaluation of classification schemes by Barbara Kwasnik
19 Jan 2021 ISKO UK Meetup - Email and MS Teams from an information architecture perspective
14 Jan 2021 KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives - Disciplines and Phenomena in Knowledge Organization Systems by Claudio Gnoli
22 Dec 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Interactive workshop: getting started with VocBench (step 1)
26 Nov 2020 6th Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial 2020 Lecture - free event
27 Oct 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Times Tags: Metadata at The New York Times, 1851-Today by Jennifer Parrucci
18 Aug 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Knowledge Graphs, Part II: Practical Applications
14 Jul 2020 ISKO UK Meetup - Knowledge Graphs, Part I: Theories and Definitions
16 Jun 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: How the BBC is approaching metadata quality measurement
19 May 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: Knowledge Organization - everywhere!
21 Apr 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: Data Visualisation – Hands-on practice
30 Mar 2020 Cancelled: Using knowledge organization to deliver content
30 Mar 2020 ISKO Virtual Annual General Meeting
18 Feb 2020 ISKO UK Meetup: Taxonomies vs. Thesauri vs. Ontologies - what's best for me ?
29 Nov 2019 5th Tony Kent Strix Annual Memorial Lecture 2019
25 Nov 2019 Search Solutions 2019
15 Oct 2019 Taxonomy Chill-out with ISKO UK, SLA and SLA Europe
15 Jul 2019 ISKO UK 6th Biennial Conference - 15th – 16th July 2019, London
14 Jul 2019 ISKO UK Meetup : Pre-conference get-together prior to ISKO UK 2019
25 Jun 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: What are the purposes of Knowledge Organization Research?
30 Apr 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: Change management in the Library & Information Profession
5 Apr 2019 Post AGM event - Metadata, taxonomies and retrieval
26 Mar 2019 ISKO UK Meetup - Machine Learning and Visualization for the Information Professional
26 Feb 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: Creativity in Knowledge Organization
22 Jan 2019 ISKO UK Meetup: Ontology of Risk
27 Nov 2018 Search Solutions 2018
23 Nov 2018 The Fourth Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture
16 Oct 2018 ISKO UK Meet-up: Taxonomy Chill-out
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