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ISKO Encyclopedia of Knowledge Organization (IEKO)

This is an online, open access encyclopedia of knowledge organization hosted by ISKO and produced by ISKO Scientific Advisory Council. It will contain entries about concepts, disciplines, organizations, systems, standards, and theories etc. including important domain specific systems. The encyclopedia is peer reviewed, all articles are signed by author(s), dated and versioned.  

Thesaurus Principles and Practice

A webpage from Leonard Will's Willpower Information laying out the foundations of thesaurus practice - what is it and why it's useful, how to make one, and how and when to use one. A bibliography point to further resources.

Glossary of terms relating to thesauri and other forms of structured vocabulary for information retrieval

A glossary drawn up by Leonard Will along with Stella Dextre Clarke, Alan Gilchrist and Ron Davies when working on the British Standard for thesaurus construction, BS8723. BS8723 has now been withdrawn and Leonard made some changes while working on its replacement, BS ISO 25964. Thanks again to the Willpower Information webpages.

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