This is a repository containing resources generated by our events from Feb 2007 until October 2018. For material published after October 2018, please go to the section of 'past events' on this website. 

For each presentation there are normally two media resources: an MP3 audio file and a PDF or PPT visuals file as well as a biography of authors. 

Note: the process of migrating the ISKOmedia content from the old website is ongoing, and it may be the case that some files are missing on this website. Please contact to request the resources you are looking for, and these will be emailed to you. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

ISKO Encyclopedia of Knowledge Organization (IEKO)

This is an online, open access encyclopedia of knowledge organization hosted by ISKO and produced by ISKO Scientific Advisory Council. It will contain entries about concepts, disciplines, organizations, systems, standards, and theories etc. including important domain specific systems. The encyclopedia is peer reviewed, all articles are signed by author(s), dated and versioned.  

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