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Changes in ISKO International governance

8 Sep 2018 8:26 PM | Anonymous

A sparkling rejuvenation of ISKO is well under way, thanks to the action-packed General Assembly during ISKO's Biennial Conference in Porto this July. Newly elected Executive Board members are:

  • President: Rick Szostak
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Athena Salaba
  • Vice-Presidents: Amos David and Andreas Ledl

David Haynes, Marcia Zeng and Renato Souza remain on the Board for another two years, while Jiri Pika and Matthew Kelly were elected as auditors.

Significantly for the Society as a whole, two key resolutions were approved:

In the course of 2019 the Executive Board should register ISKO as a not-for-profit corporation under the CNCA (Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act), with administrative seat in Toronto, Canada.

After taking into account points discussed and agreed during the 2018 General Assembly, the Board should file By-Laws broadly consistent with the draft presented at this assembly.

The full text of the new By-laws (and other constitutional documents) can be accessed by ISKO members via the Membership Management System . The CNCA is a modern statute that will allow ISKO to retain all its valued traditions while operating more efficiently and effectively than before. By moving our headquarters from Frankfurt to Toronto, we'll make it easier for Board Directors to do their job, whether or not they speak German. And as a non-profit company in Canada, we will escape liability for corporation tax.

The above resolutions represent the culmination of the Governance Review that was started in 2014 and led by Stella Dextre Clarke. In recognition of her hard work, the Assembly unanimously voted to award Stella honorary membership of the Society.

The constitutional changes now under way will take effect only after our next General Assembly, to be held in 2020 at the time of our next Biennial Conference. The University of Aalborg in Denmark, represented by ISKO-UK member Marianne Lykke, has generously offered to host the 2020 conference, and already we can begin to plan some celebrations there!

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