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ISKOMedia is a repository containing resources generated by our events.

We hope to make these resources accessible in a number of ways, for example:

  • browse from the event title to individual presentations, then their related resources
  • browse by broad subject
  • search by facets and/or attributes (such as date, presenter etc.)

Searching is already possible via the site search box and the user tags in the right hand frame. Browsing/navigating the list of events is straightforward. Other options will be developed soon after launch of the site, and ISKO members are invited to contribute ideas.

For each presentation there are normally two media resources: an MP3 audio file and a PDF or PPT visuals file. MP3 audio files can be played on computers with media player software such as Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime, or copied to a smartphone or MP3 player. PDF files can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader application; PPT files need to be viewed in Microsoft's Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer, or with the equivalent applications in OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc..

Please note that, while this repository covers all ISKO UK events to date, there remain some details which may be incomplete and will be rectified in time. In particular, we have an ongoing project to enhance the search and browse facilities beyond those currently provided. We would welcome any input from users as to how best to achieve this. Should we classify ISKOMedia content according to some extant scheme, such as ISKO's bibliographic KO classification (see or should we develop our own, more precise and up-to-date scheme? Should this scheme be plainly hierarchical or faceted? Should we be thinking beyond mere classification and aiming to develop a thesaurus of KO? And should we offer our content as Linked Data?

We would welcome your input on these issues, particularly offers of practical engagement and support aimed at making ISKOMedia a world-class repository in the domain of Knowledge Organization. If you have something to offer, please contact us.

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