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Conference Grant Awarded to Dr Deborah Lee.

One of the delights of ISKO’s operations is being able to support early stage researchers in their work on Knowledge Organization through a series of grants helping them undertake elements of their work.

We’re very pleased that Dr Deborah Lee has been awarded a £500 Conference Grant to support her delivering a paper at ISKO’s annual conference in Porto in July. Her paper will look at super facets and the idea of a universal classification for music. It is based on her 2017 PhD thesis entitled “Modelling music: a theoretical approach to the classification of notated Western art music.” As well as delivering her paper Deborah is looking forward to having the opportunity to build closer links with the international body of knowledge organisation and classification theorists attending the conference, in particular other early career researchers.

Deborah’s wider research interests include music classification, music information, and the pedagogy of cataloguing education. She is a visiting lecturer at City University of London, where she leads the the information organisation module and and she teaches cataloguing and classification as a CILIP onsite trainer. As well as her research, she is the Senior Cataloguer at the Courtauld Institute of Art book library, where she manages the library’s cataloguing and classification. Deborah gained a BA in music from the University of Oxford, an MMus in historical musicology from Royal Holloway, University of London, an MA in information services management from London Metropolitan University, and a PGCert in higher education teaching from City, University of London.

More about ISKO UK Grants for Students

To support the work of early stage researchers in Knowledge Organization, ISKO UK also offers Research Grants to students. The 2018 Research Grant (up to £500) remains available and we welcome applications. More details about the award and how to apply are available here.

4 Jul 2018 - 12:00