ISKO UK Meetups are dedicated to discussing and debating a broad range of topics relating to knowledge organization. Throughout 2020, monthly ISKO UK Meetups are being organized as virtual events through the Knowledge Organization London group.

ISKO UK Meetup events provide an opportunity for specialists from different information domains and industries to share their experiences and exchange ideas and solutions for improving access to information and knowledge.

Whether physical or online, Meetup events provide an informal and friendly atmosphere and encourage interactions and networking between different professions sharing an interest in knowledge organization.

You can join - Knowledge Organization London group to receive updates and notifications about ISKO UK Meetups events and register for attendance. 

Forthcoming events


Tuesday, 19  January 2021

Managing business correspondence in the email era (and in the MS Teams era)

In this Meetup, James Lappin will look  at the information management debates provoked by the ever increasing volume and velocity of correspondence. He will then compare rival strategies for organisations wishing to develop a machine learning capability in relation to correspondence. Read more

Previous event (for a complete list of past events see here)

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Myths and Half Truths about Semantic Data Modelling

In this talk, Panos Alexopoulos, Head of Ontology at Textkernel, will describe certain myths and half-truths that are found in the semantic modelling world and discuss what typically happens in reality. Read more...

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