• Knowledge Organization in Exceptional Times

    How KO helps people, organizations and societies to adapt to change

    7th biennial ISKO UK Conference

    Online, 12-16th July 2021

    There are many challenges and opportunities during periods of dramatic change.  These can be brought about by pandemics,  political changes, conflicts, social unrest or technological innovation. They all have a disruptive effect which can present major challenges or they can provide new opportunities. 

    Knowledge Organization can help organizations and societies to respond to changing times, whether it is by providing a framework for Artificial Intelligence systems, improving access to education, or simply supporting general access to information from wherever we are and whenever we need it. Knowledge organization underpins diverse applications such as knowledge management, information architecture and knowledge graph technology.  

  • This conference will explore the following themes in exceptional times:

    • The role of knowledge organization in knowledge management to effect change
    • Knowledge organization and information architecture – how KO can be embedded in the design of apps and information systems
    • Knowledge organization systems in the cloud, for linked open data and for knowledge graphs
    • Knowledge organization and reality – ways of representing reality 
    • Content analysis, artificial intelligence and knowledge organization – the role of KO in information extraction, NLP, machine learning and data visualization
    • Polarisation and social issues – how KO systems reflect different values and how it is used to combat fake news and deliver fairness
    • How knowledge organization can support distributed working
    • Evolution of knowledge organization – education, training, and new entrants into the domain

    We are interested in both theories and practical views of these themes and encourage applications from researchers, practitioners and suppliers of innovative products in the knowledge organization domain.

    “Knowledge organization (KO) … is an intellectual discipline concerned with activities such as document description, indexing, and classification that serve to provide systems of representation and order for knowledge and information objects.”

    (Wikipedia, 2020)

    The 7th biennial ISKO UK conference will be an online event.  If circumstances allow there will be a series of physical satellite events to encourage networking.

    The call for papers will be issued shortly

The call for papers will be issued shortly

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