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So Wide, So Wild: The W3C Open Linked Education Community Group

Open data and education are natural partners.  Both are dedicated to providing information to a variety of communities across geographic boundaries.  Data as Education presents the proposition that knowledge can be quickly accessed around the world if the data adopts open standards and is set free.
With the goal of accelerating and cementing this partnership in addition to providing a value-add to the proposition through semantic correlations, the World Wide Web Consortium’s Open Linked Education Community Group was formed. 
Officially launched on April 23, 2013 at the W3C Open Data on the Web conference in London, the original charter championed the use of linked metadata to build an education presence in the emerging global knowledge network of DBpedia.  With a belief in the power of the semantic collective, the founding members envisioned a resource for shared education-ready vocabularies, best practices, and relevant artefacts from other organizations under the benign umbrella of the W3C.
In this talk, Founding Chair Madi Solomon conducts a travelogue of best intentions and failed momentum; not all stories that end well are interesting. In this still-evolving narrative, Madi shares the early evidence that initiated the Group and the challenges of building a service on a subject that touches everything.
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