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Re-writing the IOE Thesaurus: a case study

With its roots in the work of DJ Foskett (IOE 1957-78) the IOE Thesaurus has been used to derive terms for indexing the physical collections of the IOE Library since 1980. However, by 2011 using the thesaurus had become problematic; its structure had broken down (a quarter of preferred terms were also top terms), much of the terminology was outdated, and some of the terminology was no longer appropriate. This case study outlines the 2011 project to re-write the IOE Thesaurus discussing:

  • The development and history of the IOE Thesaurus
  • The 2011 project to re-write it (exploring themes such as the representation of ethnic minorities, sexual minorities and women)
  • Some contemporary uses of it in the digital environment.
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