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Organising knowledge

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9th October 2008

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  • Alan Pollard Introduction Talk
  • Concepts of knowledge-in-communities Talk

    In preparation for this event, Conrad has been conducting a literature review and will present a framework for understanding knowledge-making in communities, drawing on ideas from Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger, John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid, Clay Shirky, Michael Polanyi, Gilbert Ryle and others.

  • Marilyn Leask (Prof.) Learning and sharing knowledge online Talk

    Marilyn will tell us of her experiences in getting large-scale online knowledge communites up and running, focusing on strategy, development approaches, operation and monitoring.

  • Jan Wyllie RSA Network Views (1993): Back to the Future of Knowledge Communities? Talk

    For this event, Jan will look back at a mid-Nineties project within the RSA (the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce) — the Tomorrow’s Company Inquiry Network — and how in gathering ideas for the report it made use of ‘networking at a distance’ and collaborative writing, using technologies of post, phone, copier, fax and early email. Many of the lessons are still relevant today.

  • Ed Mitchell, Lyndsay Rees-Jones CILIP Communities: the lessons learned Talk

    Lyndsay shared with us the frank evaluations which CILIP have made of this experiment in online community within a professional society.

    Ed Mitchell offered further observations from his perspective as a consultant on the project.

  • Christopher Dean Organising around purpose - why bother!? Talk

    Chris will be reflecting on a decade’s experience of attracting and securing engagement.

  • Sabine K McNeill From meetings and Westminster to Politics On-Line Talk

    Today Sabine will tell us why, after organising the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords for many years, she is now creating networks and doing politics on-line.

  • Susan Payne Heading for Know*Ware Talk

    Susan will briefly present about what she believes are important principles in designing such systems for and with real user communities.

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