5th March 2008
17:30 - 20:00

University College London
Roberts Building 106, First Floor, Engineering Faculty
Roberts Building, Torrington Place, WC1E 7JE

An ISKO UK open meeting entitled Confronting the Future took place on 5th of March following the ISKO UK Annual General Meeting at which we were delighted to welcome Jean Aitchison and Prof. Brian Vickery as Honorary Members of ISKO UK. Jean and Brian are both pioneers whose work has become the foundations of the knowledge organization field.

In 2008, ISKO UK plans more events on specific topics in knowledge organisation. For first meeting of the year, however, it was felt that general issues within the information profession as seen from the perspective of different sectors may be welcomed. The floor was given to speakers from two professional organizations: Peter Griffiths from the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and Paul Dodgson from the Records Management Society.

The event was organized in conjuction with the School of Library Archives and Information Studies at UCL, was attended by over fifty participants and provided an excellent opportunity for networking.

We are grateful to Conrad Taylor, not only for his support to ISKO UK in the capacity as co-ordinator of the BCS KIDMM (Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata Management) community, but also for recording and photographing the event.


Paul Dodgson
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Search versus Classify
Paul introduced the argument of a "search" engaging in the records management world and comparing this with traditional classification. Do we need taxonomists? A number of companies are investing in the development of search based solutions which admit the existence of content only through search, ignoring classification, or at best, limiting its value. Controlled lists, thematic based search, indexing documents are just some of the challenges to face records managers in coming years. Paul Dodgson is using this as the basis of a master degree dissertation which he hopes to complete by July 2008. The results will be published in late 2008.

Peter Griffiths
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Where next for the Information Professions?
How are the Information Professions to address the plethora of information- and knowledge-management related issues that are currently in the public spotlight?  Do we need more professions to deal with issues such as information assurance, or should existing professionals be able to make a suitable contribution based on their experience?  Peter Griffiths has recently taken up the office of Vice-President of CILIP under its new governance structure, and chairs CILIP's new Policy Forum which meets for the first time during March 2008.  Peter suggested some possible groupings of stakeholders, and categorised the challenges that CILIP is presently concerned with, before looking at ways in which the profession as a whole (and its professional bodies) might address these issues in order to ensure that its voice is heard and heeded.