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Past Events
ISKO UK EVENTS How to get involved

Events 2014

Date Title Event Type
1st April Taming the news beast – finding context and value in text and data Afternoon meeting, preceded by the ISKO UK AGM
23rd June Making metadata work (Joint meeting with DCMI and BCS-IRSG) One-day event, including a half-day of workshops and tutorials
11th-12th September 13th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop at the International Digital Libraries Conference (DL2014) This workshop builds on conclusions from our recent “Making Metadata Work” event. ISKO-UK is collaborating with the NKOS team. Workshop participants are not required to register for the whole DL2014 conference.
15th September Metadata management in Sharepoint Afternon tutorial
5th November Knowledge organization goes mobile Afternoon meeting

Additional imaginative suggestions for future events are always welcome. Members of ISKO UK please send any requests or ideas to info[@t]

Events 2013

Date Title Event Type
19th March The power of social media to support knowledge sharing Afternoon meeting, preceded by the ISKO UK AGM
8th-9th July ISKO UK Biennial Conference : Knowledge Organization – pushing the boundaries Two-day conference, with posters and exhibitors
24th October Information – a risky business Afternoon meeting

Past events

Date Title Event Type
28th November 2012 Images in focus: organizing visual content for use   Afternoon meeting
4th September 2012 The shape of knowledge: improving the visual representation of information and knowledge   Afternoon meeting
16th July 2012 “I think, therefore I classify”   A full day, to consider how and why we categorize objects and ideas, and review how we learn and teach classification
29th March 2012 On location: organizing and using geospatial information Afternoon meeting, held jointly with Location Information Specialist Group of BCS. Immediately beforehand was the ISKO UK AGM
1 November 2011 Interoperability: joining up knowledge and information in the health sector.   ISKO UK half-day meeting.
4/5 July 2011 ISKO UK 2011 Conference "Facets of Knowledge Organization"   2nd biennial conference
14 April 2011 Public Access to Information? Challenges for Information Gatekeepers  in conjunction with ISKO UK AGM
10 Nov 2010 Legal Know-how: Organization and Semantic Analysis ISKO KOKO Meeting
14 Sep 2010 Linked Data: The Future of Knowledge Organisation on the Web ISKO UK Seminar
09 Jun 2010 Seeing is believing: new technologies for cultural heritage ISKO UK KOKO Meeting
30 Mar 2010 Recording the Living World in conjunction with ISKO UK AGM
16 September 2009 Records and Information Management in Transition Seminar
22 June 2009 ISKO UK Conference "Content Architecture: Exploiting and Managing Diverse Resources" 1st biennial conference
23 Apr 2009 Human-Machine Symbiosis for Data Interpretation ISKO UK open meeting
03 Nov 2008 Semantic Analysis Technology: in search of categories, concepts & context KOnnecting KOmmunities meeting
09 Oct 2008 MetaKnowledge Mash-up 2.0: making and organising knowledge in communities ISKO UK/ BCS KIDMM Joint event
21 Jul 2008 Sharing Vocabularies on the Web via Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) KOnnecting KOmmunities meeting
26 Jun 2008 Agenda for Information Retrieval ISKO UK open meeting
05 Mar 2008 Confronting the Future ISKO UK open meeting
05 Nov 2007 Ranganathan Revisited: Facets for the Future KOnnecting KOmmunities meeting
04 Sep 2007 Tools for Knowledge Organization Today Seminar
15 May 2007 Content, knowledge, information: Same Difference? KOnnecting KOmmunities meeting
26 Mar 2007 If it rained knowledge... Other
08 Feb 2007 Blunt Dialectics Other