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Women’s Walks, how the LSE Library is using smartphone technology to bring collections to life

Women’s Walks combines smartphone technology with the fascinating and diverse archive material from The Women’s Library @ LSE, transforming the collection into an engaging and interactive historical journey. The app allows users to choose from a selection of three walks: Campaigning for women’s suffrage; Women and parliament; Pioneers of science and medicine. It will work by tracking the user’s position as they walk through the streets of London. The app uses an interactive map to guide users through London’s streets to historical sites and allows them to interact with a variety of digitized archive material in form of images, documents and audio clips relevant to each site.

The London School of Economics and Political Science became custodians of The Women’s Library collection in January 2013, taking over from London Metropolitan University. Part of LSE’s commitment to preserving and enhancing The Women’s Library @ LSE is through bringing the collection to a wider audience, with Women’s Walks forming an important part of this plan. The  collection covers the changing social and political circumstances in the lives of women, primarily from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. The collection is recognized for its rare and historic materials, which represent the oldest and most extensive collection of women’s history in Europe and form a key part of the UK’s national heritage.

This presentation, prepared by Amir Naghsh, was delivered on the day by Neil Stewart.

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