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Transforming open data to linked open data using ontologies for information organization in big data environments of the Brazilian government

The Brazilian Government has made available on the Web a massive volume of public data. This data may be structured, semi-structured or non-structured in order to turn the administration as transparent as possible. Thus, we notice the great challenge in providing applications capable enough to handle this Big Data environment, and to make information available for decision making. In this environment, data processing is done via new approaches from Information Science and Computer Science areas, by involving Technologies and processes for collecting, representing, storing and disseminating information. This paper presents a conceptual model, the technical architecture and the prototype implementation of a tool DBgodbr, designed to classify government public information with the help of ontologies, by tranforming open data into open connected data. To fullfill the purpose of the solution, we used Soft System Methodology to identify problems, to collect users needs and to design solutions that fit the purpose of specific groups. The DBgoldbr tool was designed to ease up the search for open data made available by many Brazilian Government institutions, so that this data can be reused to support the evaluation and monitoring of social programs, in order to support the design and management of public policies.


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