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The Tony Kent Strix Annual Lecture: Context in Interactive IR

Context is a multidimensional concept as it applies to Information Retrieval (IR). In information objects, depending on the media used, we may have linguistic contextual features that help disambiguate meaning. In interactive IR personal and social contexts are added to the process and time becomes important. But the mainstream IR research framework (Cranfield Framework) is almost context-free. By adding interfaces, users and their social/organizational/cultural context we alter the framework, making it more realistic; but then we automatically involve an increasing number of variables, and potentially, IR experiments become increasingly uncontrollable. Thus, performance measures change as we attempt to include contextual elements in the IR process and experimentation. Focus and balance become the central concerns in empirical interactive IR studies.

A YouTube recording of  the whole afternoon event can be watched at this link. Length: 02 hours 18 minutes. Prof Ingwersen's talk begins at 01:11. His slides may be viewed separately via the link in the side-panel

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