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Taming the ABC News Beast - a case study

Rob Corrao is the Chief Operating Officer of LAC Group. He will demonstrate how services from LAC ( have enabled ABC News in New York to gain control over an endless torrent of media and information pouring in daily, while providing and supporting the resources and platforms that give users the ability, at their desktop, to find the information they need and/or the media they want.

ABC’s entire operation (workflow, staff, etc) was reviewed in order to provide effective 24/7 coverage and support of the on-going triaging, monitoring and metadata creation for 30+ live news feeds, dozens of hours of digitally captured raw footage from the field and daily show histories. An enterprise-wide platform now provides simple and effective access to relevant information and media, supports research, and facilitates workflow management and integration with editing systems and storage systems for both “deep” and “nearline” archive storage needs. The presentation will also discuss:

  • an approach to content strategy that guides preservation digitization;
  • the power of analytics to inform and support change;
  • the benefits of a research portal.
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