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Organization and exploration fine-grained historical knowledge of contemporary China-based on semantic mining

China has a huge volume of historical resources on its contemporary history. Lots of valuable knowledge are hidden in those resources and cannot be utilized easily. It is an urgent problem to mine the implicit semantic knowledge scattered in a large number of historical resources and to reorganize the historical knowledge and facts in a fine-grained manner, so that can help user to explore the historical knowledge for research and education.

Supported by the project “Knowledge Web of the History of the People’s Republic of China” from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the authors proposes a method, which is called “Mining down, Organizing up” (Fig 1.), to semantically represent and organize the historical knowledge of contemporary China hidden in the historical encyclopedia text. Based on the proposed historical ontology of contemporary China, this method extracts historical knowledge objects and facts from the unstructured historical text items by utilizing text mining technologies, represents the historical knowledge in a semantically enriched way, and interlinks the related historical knowledge objects and facts to form a historical knowledge network of the contemporary China. By mining the historical facts and the historical knowledge network, the authors get more valuable patterns from the historical knowledge, which could be used to form the new organization scheme to reorganize the historical knowledge in a more vivid way.

Fig.1, Framework of “Mining down, Organizing up”

Based on this method, the authors developed a system which can represent and organize historical knowledge of contemporary China in a fine-grained manner, support user to explore historical knowledge by providing functions such as semantic retrieval, visualization navigation, historical objects and facts clustering, historical knowledge mapping, association analysis, pathway analysis, and chronicle facts reconstruction etc.