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Optimizing for a mobile environment at the Wellcome library

The Wellcome Library’s innovative digital player is a piece of software that is used to 'play' digitized content. Released under the MIT Open Source license, the software is free for anyone to download and use. Developed by Digirati, the player can be used to display all types of digital content, including cover-to-cover books, archives, works of art, videos and audio files. The software has been optimized for a consistent, easy-to-use and enjoyable user experience on both desktop and tablet. The player responds intelligently to the type of item being viewed. If a digital book is opened, the user can navigate by a thumbnail image of each page, or select a chapter or section of the book, or sometimes multiple volumes. If a video is opened, the option to see thumbnails is replaced by the functionality to pause and scroll through the film. One of the real strengths of the player is the ability to zoom in on images. This applies to all image content, but works especially well on paintings, posters and other pieces of art. The player also allows users to download items, bookmark images for later and embed the player on users’ websites. In this session we will demonstrate the player in action, give an overview of how it works and discuss plans for future development.

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