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A linked open thesaurus for Information Literacy

Thesauri, which have been used as a search tool to improve information retrieval for decades, have traditionally been associated with a single dataset. However, linked open data means that does not have to be the case any longer. This project is working with the Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) to develop a thesaurus for the field of information literacy based on a keyword list compiled by them, and then to publish it as a linked open thesaurus that adheres to the SKOS standard as recommended by the W3C. It is hoped that this will aid in the search process, helping to improve discoverability of articles published by JIL, and to allow for the possibility of the thesaurus to be utilized by other datasets. As action research combines theory and practice, it is the most suitable research strategy for this project. Self-reflection is helping in the development of best practice strategies with regards to creating domainspecific thesauri suitable for use as linked open data. The open-source software platform TemaTres is being used as a host for the thesaurus, and it provides features that help to ensure that the finished thesaurus will be machine process-able and adhere to the necessary standards. 

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