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The Linked Data Journey

For many dipping their toe in the world of Linked Data, the question of how to approach implementation soon arises. What steps do I need to take? Do I need to be coding everything in RDF? Do I need to be opening all my data to the Web? What does minting URIs mean? Do I need a triple store? What about licensing? — all valid questions that learning from others will help answer. Linked Data has only been around for a short while, but it has rapidly gained visibility in the wider community. In addition to the obvious enthusiasts, significant organisations are engaging with and implementing Linked Data services. These organisations, which include the BBC, UK Government, and the New York Times, did not introduce these Semantic Web techniques and technologies overnight. By observing the journeys that these organisations have taken, Richard identified the approaches used, lessons learnt, and the resulting successful outcomes. The journey that these organisations have taken include stops along the way where things did not work out quite how they expected, such as projects that moved on without Linked Data, and releases of data that were criticised by the wider community. Other, more positive, experiences include the improvement in navigation, and search engine optimisation, for Linked Data backed web sites. As well as this overview of how others have introduced and implemented Linked Data in their organisations, Richard highlighted the benefits of doing things in a Linked Data way.

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