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Linked Data in E-commerce - The GoodRelations ontology

More than 50% of a developed nation's Gross Domestic Product is used for establishing and maintaining the exchange of goods and services, and a large share of that is consumed for the search for potential suppliers and consumers. A key variable that determines that effort is the specificity of the objects being exchanged, which is generally on the rise: We produce and consume much more specific objects than a decade ago. In this talk, Prof. Hepp outlined how Linked Data can be used to weave a giant graph of information about products, offers, stores, and related facts. This will reduce the effort for business matchmaking on a Web scale. Centerpiece of that graph is the GoodRelations ontology, a global schema for exposing such facts as Linked Data on the Web. GoodRelations is the second most popular conceptual schema on the Web of Data and one of the few examples of academic research in the field that has been adopted by several Fortune 500 companies, like BestBuy or Yahoo. More information on GoodRelations is at

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