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On 2012-01-26, Stella Dextre Clarke wrote: 3. Join
The content and internal structure of this page on our existing site looks good, in my view. I guess it is hard to replicate in the prototype until subscription functionality is developed, and I'm happy with the agreed strategy for tackling this. But should the button to the page be called "Join us" ?

'Join' on the menu changed to 'Join Us'.

Yes, you are right that we cannot move forward on this much at the moment until we know whether we can clone the functionality on the existing site and incorporate it into the Drupal site. I will contact Aida to see if she can provide FTP access so that I can take a copy of the pages and code that handle subscriptions and renewals. Assuming she and her husband agree that we should be able to do so, of course. I suspect IPR favours them as the 'owners' of the code, and they would be within their rights to refuse. Though somehow, I don't see that happening.