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Integrating applications and projects: Dynamic and repeatable transformation of existing Thesauri and Authority lists into SKOS + Cross-tabulation of Concepts Linked Data

The Belgium Poison Centre is moving from one strongly integrated database to different open source applications, each focussed on a domain. The users are continuously asking for "What is linked to XYZ?": we have to provide an ergonomic and efficient way to retrieve concepts somehow related to "XYZ" and present those concepts with links toward their different uses in one or another application.

ASKOSI (Application Services for Knowledge Organisation and System Integration) has been built to collect existing Thesauri or Authority lists downloaded from an external URL or dynamically viewed within the relational database of an independent application or read from a local file (Excel, XML, RDF, SKOS, OWL). The different applications can then register in ASKOSI how and how much they are using each concept of the Thesauri or Authority lists.

The users can then search, browse the concepts, sort their usages by the different applications and branch to the linked data. Especial care has been taken to support the volume of data managed within the response time constraints of a Poison Centre. We present our current results, our current challenges and how the ASKOSI project is open to sharing and external collaboration.

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