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Discussion on mapping/linking between vocabularies including tools & training -- building on the ISKO-UK 'Making Metadata Work' seminar

A recent metadata seminar included a workshop "Vocabularies and the Potential for Linkage" aiming to bring participants up to speed with current approaches to vocabulary linkage, and empower them to apply these methods to their own projects and developments. Jointly organized by ISKO UK, DCMI and BCS IRSG, this workshop in London on 23 June 2014 was oversubscribed, indicating there is much interest in vocabulary linkage – though perhaps  a lack of resources and expertise.
Specifically, the following needs were expressed:
•  Learning materials and training opportunities for all the people involved in vocabulary linkage
•  More registries of vocabularies and other datasets
•  Good metadata (including ownership, rights, scope, frequency and more)
•  Good success stories to publicize
•  More “middle-level” tools for data linkage
•  More guides, tutorials, workshops and other opportunities for learning how to do it.
The present presentation at the  NKOS workshop will provide more background on these issues, especially in the context of mapping between vocabularies, before inviting discussion on how the needs can be addressed.