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Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage: UCL's Transcribe Bentham Project

Crowdsourcing - the harnessing of online activity to aid in large scale projects that require human cognition - is becoming of interest to those in the library, museum and cultural heritage industry, as institutions seek ways to publicly engage their online communities, as well as aid in creating useful and usable digital resources. UCL's Bentham Project has recently set up the "Transcribe Bentham" initiative; an ambitious, open source, participatory online environment to aid in transcribing the 10,000 folios of handwritten documents by the philospher and legal reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) that are currently in UCL special collections. This paper will explore how crowdsourcing can be used, the myths and pitfalls in using crowdsourced effort, and the features that computer applications need to provide, in the context of the development of the Transcribe Bentham project.

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