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Constructing a Metanarrative for Stefan Zweig’s Literary Estate

In this paper we examine some of the challenges inherent in the representation of literary fonds in the digital environment and how such representation can serve to provide an external metanarrative for the materials. The literary estate of Stefan Zweig serves as the model for our discussion, as we provide an overview of a collaborative effort between two institutions which hold significant quantities of Zweig manuscripts. The Stefan Zweig Digital project aims to virtually reconstruct via digital means his once intact archive through development of an ontology specific to the materials based on CIDOC CRM and German RNA, thereby supporting the creation of semantic relationships between the manuscripts themselves and external entities. The creation of hyper-enabled relationships offers possibilities for construction of a metanarrative of the archive. Our discussion includes an overview of existing scholarship that addresses the complexities of navigating the archival representation of literary fonds within this context. We hope our efforts will shed further light on metanarrative as both a cause and result of the description and arrangement of literary archives in the digital environment.


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