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Bernard Vatant

Mondeca, France

Bernard Vatant is a former maths teacher graduated  from the Ecole Normale de l’Enseignement Technique (ENSET) in 1975. Bernard Vatant integrated the Mondeca team as a consultant in the domain of ontologies and knowledge representation languages in 2000. His experience in modelling and data migration has built up thanks to the diversity of Mondeca’s customers and projects, in domains as various as scientific and medical terminologies, tourism and local government, or legal publication. 

Bernard has been the representative for Mondeca in several working groups or standard bodies such as ISO (ISO 13250 Topic Maps standard,  ISO 25964 standard for Thesauri), OASIS (former chair of  the Technical Committee on Published Subjects), or W3C (OWL, SKOS, currently Invited Expert in the Library Linked Data Incubator Group).
He’s a known actor of the research on industrial use of Semantic Web, and a regular guest in Program Committees of dedicated conferences either in France, such as IC (Journées francophones d’Ingénierie des Connaissances) or abroad, such as LDOW (Linked Data on the Web), and has been a speaker to workshops of organisations such as INRIA in France and ISKO in UK. 
His expertise is acknowledged in the domain of modelling, migration and interoperability of legacy reference vocabularies, and he has worked with institutions such as the Publications Office of the European Union  (EUROVOC vocabulary), or the French national Library (BNF) in the framework of the Europeana project (evolution and integration of RAMEAU vocabulary).


Bernard Vatant has a background in mathematics, knowledge representation and science popularization. He has been Senior Consultant in Knowledge Engineering for Mondeca since 2000. His work includes modeling of customers ontologies, and migration of data and vocabularies to semantic formats, in a wide range of industries and domains (legal publication, medical terminologies, tourism and territorial information, museography, sports, mechanical industries ...). Involved in several working groups dedicated to semantic languages (Topic Maps, OWL, SKOS) and tools, he champions the early adoption of those tools in challenging industrial environments, pushing SKOS as a key element of the production line in Mondeca's solutions. Bandwidth permitting, he's been supporting the Linked Data movement, providing input such as the Geonames ontology.


Bernard Vatant