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The BARTOC story: from blog to basic to full terminology registry (poster)

The poster “The BARTOC story: from blog to basic to full terminology registry” provides an overview of the five-year history of Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications (BARTOC, During this period, BARTOC, a directory for Knowledge Organization Systems, has evolved from a small application to support teaching of information literacy at University of Basel to an internationally renowned, comprehensive tool for listing, describing, accessing, and even testing KOSs. In its current state, metadata of indexed vocabularies are freely available in the public domain (PDDL), searchable by controlled vocabularies, machine readable (RDFa), and interoperable (mapped to NKOS AP, JSKOS & ADMS). Moreover, BARTOC has just started to visualize SKOS vocabularies and to make them browsable for users, so that KOSs can be directly investigated in the tool. Thanks to a Virtuoso RDF triple store, GraphSearch, a SPARQL endpoint and semi-automatical indexing with subject headings / classification schemes will be available soon. BARTOC is curated by an international group of editors and coordinates its technical development with ISKO, project ‘coli-conc’, as well as Semantic Web Company.

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