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“So many roads” – building a simple knowledge organization thesaurus (SKOT) for the ISKO UK collection

Context:- The new ISKO UK web site under development in Drupal will incorporate a media repository (ISKO Media). The repository will bring together many media files (DOC, JPG, MP3, PDF, PPT) which are currently scattered. Drupal’s Taxonomy feature will be used to classify these resources so that they can be searched. The question of whether and how to apply a controlled vocabulary is still being debated.
Purpose:- The purpose of this poster is to show just how much choice there is when you start out with well established ideas concerning classification, vocabulary control and computerized information retrieval. Inspiration came from S. R. Ranganathan (Colon Classification); G. Bhattacharyya (POPSI Language); Derek Austin (PRECIS); and Jason Farradane (Relational Analysis).
Methodology:- The author tabulated the titles of all presentations (187) at ISKO UK Events between February 2007 and March 2013 in an Excel spreadsheet. The ‘X’ axis listed by row each and every presentation by full title - Column ‘A’ - (eight worksheets). The ‘Y’ axis listed by column the chosen ‘categories’ (facet analysis) applied to the presentations.
Results:- An expansive spreadsheet from which it is possible to develop either a classaurus or a thesaurus and model an ontology. Such significant choice arises from the underlying principle of concept analysis and is explained in a sequence of images with a brief note for each system. The implication is that resource discovery on the semantic web will be enhanced by knowledge organization.

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