"Content, knowledge, information: Same Difference?"

15 May 2007

18:00 - 20:30

University College London, Gower St, WC1E 6BT [map]

Henry Morley Building, Room 4, first floor

ISKO UK is pleased to announce an open meeting on the theme "Content, knowledge, information: Same Difference?". The meeting will explore the broad horizons within which KO concepts and techniques are employed, as well as the multiplicity of job titles and roles afforded to practitioners, and will hope to kick-start the process of building bridges among the many hitherto fragmented KO communities.

While the majority of the meeting will take the form of free and open discussion, we are pleased to advise that SchemaLogic Inc. have agreed to provide an interlude in which they will describe how their taxonomy and metadata management solutions can support common requirements. SchemaLogic are also kindly supplying the wine for the free networking session which will follow their presentation.

ISKO UK would therefore like to invite all those based in the UK who are concerned - practically or theoretically - with any aspect of knowledge organization, to explore topics of common interest such as: ontologies, metadata, taxonomies, classification schemes, thesauri, RDF, Dublin Core, Topic Maps, Content Management, Records Management etc.. Please come along and tell your story, share your experiences and compare notes. You will be welcome whatever your discipline or job title, and irrespective of the commercial, industrial or academic sector you work in.


18:00-18:05    Welcome and introduction to ISKO UK.

18:05-19:00    Round-the-room introductions: who I am; what I do; my problems; my interests

19:00-19:30    Presentation: SchemaLogic Inc. (20 min) + Questions (10 min)

19:30-20:30    Wine & Networking (potential members welcome)


Attendance is free. To book your place please e-mail bbater[@t]infoplex-uk.com.