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Day one, Monday 4th July

08.30 Registration opens

Conference opening and welcome


Session 1: Inspired by Brian C. Vickery

Chairman: Vanda Broughton
  • Keynote address – Stephen E. Robertson: On retrieval system theory (45 mins) abstract
  • Claudio Gnoli: Vickery’s late ideas on classification by phenomena and activities (40 mins) abstract
11.40 Coffee/tea break, posters 11.50-12.10 Sponsor's presentation by Synaptica – Dave Clarke: Semantic knowledge organization system: from whiteboard to production in 20 minutes abstract

Session 2: Exploring relationships

Chairman: Rebecca Green
  • D. Grant Campbell: Revisiting Farradane's relational indexing in a consumer health context (35 mins) abstract
  • Marianne Lykke, Anne Lyne Høj, Line Nørgaard Madsen, Kora Golub, Doug Tudhope: Tagging behaviour with support from controlled vocabulary (20 mins) abstract
13.15 Lunch break

Session 3A: The big schemes - LCSH and DDC

Chairman: David Bawden

Session 3B: Perspectives on resource discovery

Chairman: Bob Bater
14.15 •   Rebecca Green, Joan S. Mitchell: Computer-assisted abridgment of a classification scheme (20 mins) abstract •   Lucy Bell, Anat Vernitski: Seemingly gliding: the power of metadata in academic resource discovery systems (20 mins) abstract
14.35 •   Gary Steele: The wisdom of the cataloguers: LCSH, indexer inconsistencies and collective intelligence (20 mins) abstract •   Kathryn La Barre: Traditions of facet theory, or a garden of forking paths? (20 mins) abstract
14.55 •   Simon Spero: What, if anything, is a subdivision? (20 mins) abstract •   Maja Žumer, Marcia Lei Zeng: Modelling knowledge organization systems and structures – a discussion in the context of conceptual and data models (20 mins) abstract
15.15 Coffee/tea break, posters 15.25-15.45 Sponsor's presentation by Synaptica – Dave Clarke: Semantic knowledge organization system: from production to publication in 20 minutes. abstract

Session 4: NKOS special session, co-organized by the NKOS European network: What role can KOS play in information retrieval applications?

Chairman: Philipp Mayr
  • Vivien Petras: Knowledge organization systems and their consequences for information retrieval (40 mins) abstract
  • Marianne Lykke, Susan Price, Lois Delcambre: How doctors apply semantic components to specify search in work-related information retrieval abstract
  • Stella Dextre Clarke: ISO 25964: a standard in support of KOS interoperability abstract
  • Elin K. Jacob, Nicolas L. George, Gary Arave: And the winner is ... The perils and pitfalls of rank order analysis (40 mins) abstract
17.40 Close of working sessions, Day One
18.00 - 20:00 Reception and buffet – sponsored by Synaptica

Day two, Tuesday 5th July

08.30 Registration opens

Introduction to Posters


Session 5: Organizing information: behaviour and development

Chairman: Alan Gilchrist
  • Keynote address – Amanda Spink: Information organizing: an evolutionary and developmental framework (45 mins) abstract
  • Elizabeth Orna: Classification and visualization of knowledge. Light from a forgotten past (20 mins) abstract
  • Patrick Lambe: Knowledge organization systems as enablers to the conduct of science (30 mins) abstract
10.50 Coffee/tea break, posters 11.00-11.20 Sponsor's presentation by PoolParty – Helmut Nagy: SKOS thesaurus management and linked data. abstract

Session 6: The legacy of Brian C. Vickery

Chairman: Claudio Gnoli
  • Lyn Robinson, David Bawden: Brian Vickery and the foundations of information science (20 mins) abstract
  • Joseph T. Tennis: Comparative modeling of Vickery’s faceted classification and the oeuvre of S. R. Ranganathan (40 mins) abstract
  • Vanda Broughton: Brian Vickery and the Classification Research Group: the legacy of faceted classification (20 mins) abstract
13.00 Lunch break

Session 7A: Making it work in practice

Chairman: Leonard Will

Session 7B: Facets and folksonomies

Chairman: Judi Vernau
14.00 •   James Howard, Silver Oliver: Enhancing the BBC's news and sports coverage with an ontology-driven information architecture (40 mins) abstract •   Louise F. Spiteri: Faceted navigation of social tagging applications (40 mins) abstract
14.40 •   Elaine Ménard, Margaret Smithglass: Babel revisited: a taxonomy for ordinary images indexing in a bilingual retrieval context (20 mins) abstract •   Elise Conradi: Modelling a folksonomy with the postulational approach to facet analysis (20 mins) abstract
15.00 •   Fran Alexander: Building bridges: mapping diverse classifications for a seamless user navigation experience (20 mins) abstract •   Orélie Desfriches Doria: Multi-dimensional indexing with a tagging application leading to and using faceted classification (20 mins) abstract
15.20 Coffee/tea break, posters 15.30-15.50 Sponsor's presentation by PoolParty – Florian Kondert: Semantic search and metadata mapping based on thesauri. abstract

Session 8: Special subjects: music and mathematics

Chairman: David Penfold
  • Deborah Lee: Faceted music: towards a model of music classification (20 mins) abstract
  • Jean Debaecker, Widad Mustafa El Hadi: Music indexing and retrieval: evaluating the social production of music metadata and its use (20 mins) abstract
  • Patrick Ion, Wolfram Sperber: Some facets of knowledge management in mathematics (20 mins) abstract

Closing remarks from ISKO UK

17.15 Close of Conference
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