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Day One
08:30 Registration
10:00 Conference Opening and Welcome
Session 1 (Plenary)
Chair: Vanda Broughton
David Crystal
11:00 Coffee/tea break.

Vendor demonstration: Smartlogic - Semaphore powering FAST in central government and health
11:40 Session 2A
Multimedia Challenges
Chair: Adrian Dale
Charlie Inskip
Andy MacFarlane
Pauline Rafferty
(20 mins)
Session 2B
Discovery Challenges
Chair: Mark Field
Shana Wagger
Randi Park
Denise A. D. Bedford
(40 mins)
Zhang Yunliang
Zhu Lijun
Qiao Xiaodong
Zhang Quan
(20 mins)
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Session 3 (Plenary)
Image Retrieval
Chair: Peter Enser
Elaine Ménard
15:40 Coffee/tea break.
Vendor demonstrations: 1. Smartlogic - Semaphore powering Google search appliance at NASA ; 2. Vocabulary Management Group - The first completely taxonomy-driven government website..?
16:20 Session 4A
Semantic Interoperability
Chair: Alan Gilchrist
Carmen Reverté Reverté
Montserrat Sebastià Salat
(20 mins)
Session 4B
Connecting and Collaborating
Chair: Madi Solomon
Matthew Hodgson
(30 mins)
17:30 Close of speaker sessions, Day One
18:00 Reception

Day Two
08:30 Registration
09:00 Introductions
Session 5 (Plenary)
Chair: Stella Dextre Clarke
Clifford Lynch
Tom Scott
Michael Smethurst
10:40 Coffee/tea break.
Vendor demonstration: Vocabulary Management Group - The first completely taxonomy-driven government website..?
11:20 Session 6A
User Exploitation leads to User Benefit
Chair: Pauline Rafferty
Brian Matthews
Catherine Jones
Bartlomiej Puzon
Jim Moon
Douglas Tudhope
Koraljka Golub
Marianne Lykke Nielsen
Sarinder Kaur Kashmir Singh
Susan Lim Lee Hong
Amir Feisal Merican
Kaharuddin Dimyati
Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan
Session 6B
Frameworks for Knowledge Organization
Chair: Leonard Will
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Session 7 (Plenary)
Potential of New Technologies
Chair: Bob Bater
Paul Miller
Chris Town
Karl Harrison
15:00 Coffee/tea break, posters
15:40 Session 8 (Plenary)
Mapping and Modelling
Chair: Vanda Broughton
Marcia Zeng
Maja Žumer
Emad Khazraee
Saeed Moaddeli
Azade Sanjari
Shadi Shakeri
17:30 Close of Conference

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